We have several services that we offer to the public:
Catering: We are able to cater to any size event, any of our Specialty Meats in any way you would like. We have many different ways to cater from informal to formal. From hors d'oeuvres" (pronounced or-DURV) to very decorated party platters to full course meals. In some cases, if you purchase our products, there is sometimes no additional charge with enough advanced notice. The sky is the limit. We can do most anything that is required for your party or gathering! Call us for more information: 646-131-6184
Your Brand: We make many different products, however the way we make them and the way you want them may be totally different therefore... we can adapt your requirements into our products so that you can make them your own. We make them for you, you put your own brand on them to the public. Call us to discuss what you would like and how you would want us to make the product for you.
Our products: We make our products the way we make them. Our amount of spices. Our amount of salt. Our amount of further processing. Depending on the amount of product purchased, we can customize any part of any product that we make. If you like a certain Sausage for example that we make but you want it with less salt or more spice or with a certain spice added or removed for your diet, we can accommodate. The cost is slightly higher for a small added charge but if you order enough times the same product, we can wave the charges. Call us for more info at 646-131-6184 to discuss your requirements
Product slicing : If a product that you normally purchase comes un-sliced, we can, for a small extra fee slice that product to suit your needs. If you make enough purchases of the same product with us, we can eventually wave the extra charges.
More Services to come!
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Our product are made and sold, only in MEXICO!
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Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico
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